So far things are going well! Stock is still in, even after the rush of sales, we had a few hiccups with the change to Amazon initially but have since smoothed things over. Now we have some announcements!

NOENE® Drawing winners announced!

The winners of our free insoles are:

Anne M • Patti F • Christopher M • Liz S • Mike P • Victor R • Shawn R • Sandy S • Spring L • Vicki L

We'll hold another drawing from our pool of mailing list registrants soon, be sure to enter and share with your friends.

Announcing our second product: the Dance Lite Insole.

For anyone who didn't subscribe to our other stock mailing list, our new product has been released! Our Dance Lite is uniquely engineered for all forms of dance, including jazz, tap, and use in pointe shoes. Like all our products it offers enhanced performance and protection from serious impact.

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Physical activity exposes the support column, from the feet to the base of the skull, to shock waves. The damage resulting from these repeated shocks can cause pain, exacerbate chronic injuries, and diminish performance. NOENE® Invisible under-soles™ are designed to decrease the intensity of these shocks.

  • Can reduce risk of injury from impact
  • Designed in collaboration with heavy industry and elite athletes
  • Thinner Than a Dime™, lightweight, and durable
  • Natural rubber material made in Switzerland


NOENE® Dance Lite is uniquely designed for all forms of dance, including for use in pointe shoes. Like all our products it offers protection from serious impact and enhanced performance.

  • Tailored specifically to dancers' needs
  • Unique shape
  • Same unparalleled protection against impact
  • 1mm- thick insole won't interfere with performance