Noene® Dance Lite

The NOENE® DANCE LITE insoles provide dancers added safety and increased performance. A dancer’s movements transfer energy down into the floor, which rebound on impact, traveling back up through the joints of the body. Repeated exposure accumulates as damage to the body, which can be harmful to musculoskeletal system as well as diminish a dancer's performance. These 1mm thin insoles were designed to decrease the intensity of these shocks without compromising performance.

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  • Insoles 1 mm thick
  • Ultra-thin and light
  • Effective for all types of dance shoes
  • Washable and reusable
  • Sizes: Men 6-12 • Women 6-12.5
  • Cut-to-fit insoles


  1. Cut out the template following the line marked for your size
  2. Test the size inside your dance shoe (for ballet slippers turn the shoe inside out)
  3. Draw around the template on the insole
  4. Cut out the insole following the outline
  5. Fix the sticky tape to the bottom of the insole (black area)
  6. Remove the back of the sticky tape and insert the insole inside the slipper so that the beige-color fabric is facing up, in contact with the feet

Insole should be replaced in one year or at first sign of wear.