Noene® Invisible

The cut-to-fit NOENE® INVISIBLE under-soles™ are specially designed to help protect the joints by absorbing shockwaves generated when feet hit the ground.  They are ideal for both sports and daily activities, as they absorb impacts and avoid the undesirable effects of gravity on the joints. These under-soles™ are only 1 mm thick and can be worn with almost any sneaker or shoe.

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  • Under-soles™ 1 mm thick
  • Ultra-thin and light
  • Place under the original insole
  • Not covered in fabric
  • Washable and reusable
  • Sizes: Men 6-14 • Women 6-12.5
  • Cut-to-fit under-soles™


  1. Cut out the template (included with your under-sole™) following the line marked for your size
  2. Take out your existing insole or orthotic and test the size with the template
  3. Draw around the template on the under-sole™
  4. Cut out the under-sole™ following the outline
  5. Fix the adhesive tape to the under-sole™ on either side
  6. Remove the back of the adhesive tape and insert the under-sole™ inside the shoe

Under-sole™ should be replaced once a year or at first sign of wear.